Children’s Case Management

Section 13 Children’s Case Management

Children’s Case Management

Nurturing Tomorrow: Comprehensive Support for Maine’s Children

Growing up can come with unique challenges, especially for children with behavioral issues, developmental delays, or medical conditions. The path to the right support and resources can often seem confusing and distant.

Children’s Targeted Case Management (CTCM)

Our CTCM approach is specially designed to work directly with parents, children, or adolescents. We understand the unique needs of children with behavioral problems, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and medical issues. With a focus on advocacy, compassion, and understanding, we ensure that every child gets the support they deserve.

We believe in making the journey clear and simple for both parents and children. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you can expect with our support.

Step 1: Initial Contact – Reach out to us. A simple call or email is all it takes to start the journey.

Step 2: Meet Your Caseworker – Your child will be paired with a dedicated caseworker who understands their unique needs.

Step 3: Tailored Assessment – We’ll get to know your child’s strengths, needs, and challenges, ensuring our support is perfectly tailored.

Step 4: Community Integration – We’ll help your child reconnect and integrate with their peers and community.

Step 5: Regular Check-ins – Regular meetings, adjusted for maximum comfort, ensure continuous support.

Step 6: Resource Linkage – From educational support to medical care, we’ll connect your child to the right resources.

Step 7: Continuous Support – Our journey with your child is ongoing. We’re here every step of the


Every Child Deserves a Bright Future. Let’s Make It Happen Together.